BBC Novels that Shaped Our World

Libraries Connected funded by the Arts Council, teamed up with BBC Arts and libraries across the country to commission artists, creatives and local partners to curate a series of events with marginalised groups.

As part of this BBC Year of the Novel programme, Frames Of Mind worked closely alongside Newham Library Service and Red Door Studios to produce artwork and animations with refugees Living in the borough

The films produced will be screened at an event to celebrate the courage and determination of all those seeking refuge with two amazing authors and Human Rights Campaigners, Onjali Rauf and Sita Brahmachari. In conversation, they will explore the representation of refugees in literature and the media.

Novels That Shaped Our World, Onjali Rauf and Sita Brahmachari in Conversation

At Stratford Library 3 The Grove, London E15 1EL

on Thursday 30 the October at 17.30pm