Common Ground is an Arts & research project in partnership with Southampton University, funded by the Arts Council.

A multi-media installation project in collaboration with Andover Art college, exploring themes of safety, belonging and our relationship with our semi-urban environment.

Andover College art students worked collaboratively with artists Frames of Mind to produce playful and provocative work which invites us to look at familiar landscapes with fresh eyes.

We make landscape personal through what we see, hear, smell, touch and absorb around us. How we embody spaces in the presence of other human and non-human bodies and structures. We make landscape personal through how we experience and explore ‘Common Ground’

In the routine movements of the everyday and shared photography walks in Rooksbury Mill and Andover town, students explored familiar territory in new ways.

Common Ground presents their unique viewpoints and the diversity of the semi-urban experience.

Personal Landscapes is part of the Common Ground project, funded by Arts Council England in partnership with Southampton University. We gratefully acknowledge support from Andover College and Test Valley Borough Council

Academic research by Heidi Armbruster Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of Southampton.

‘Common Ground’ and ‘Faces of Andover’ films are featured on the ‘Debating Ethnography’ website – multi-disciplinary ethnographic research at the University of Southampton.