Frames Of Mind is a new charitable organisation based in Newham, that has evolved from Salmagundi Films a participatory arts organisation co- founded in 2004 by Zoe Flynn and Bo Chapman.

Our stop frame animation, film and digital arts programmes aim to support health and wellbeing by providing unique opportunities to learn new skills whilst engaging in meaningful creative processes.

Drawing from our experience working in TV and Art Direction, our projects and creative challenges aim to empower our communities with the tools of film and media, how its language can be used as a platform for advocacy and change, to challenge the way we look at things and inspire positive communication.

Zoe and Bo have a long -standing relationship with Newham, having lived and worked in the Borough for over 20 years and are committed to making a difference to our vibrant and diverse communities. We established Frames of Mind as a charitable organisation in order to focus on Mental Health and Wellbeing, champion the therapeutic power of creativity and enable us to reach more people.

Frames of Mind offer structured creative projects – working with Mental Health, Dementia, and Digital literacy, staff training

1 day workshops or 6 –12 week creative modular participatory programmes for care/community/family. Consultancy and co – devised bespoke commissions responding to your needs and priorities.


“The participatory arts and arts therapies can …help people to add meaning in the story of their lives and develop hopeful narratives. They can provide access to deep, nuanced feelings, communicated through metaphor and imagery. ……….. They can give voice to those who no longer feel able to speak and restore a sense of control to those who feel powerless” (A.P.P.G. Creative Health 2017)

Frames of Mind believe that technology can be used to communicate not isolate. Our approach focuses on the creative activity and what can be achieved rather than the technology itself. The device or camera is merely the tool.

Making creative decisions is empowering and affirming and for us the creative process is as important as the outcome, both integral and symbiotic

Frames Of Mind have developed carefully constructed, fail safe modules of work which have built in success in terms of engagement and aesthetic quality to build confidence and enhance the experience for our participants.

Our engaging programmes are delivered in a friendly supportive environment by experienced facilitators.

“Teach me something my great grandson doesn’t know”

- Simon, Link House


Using smart technology makes learning sustainable – sending participants off on a creative journey which they can continue themselves

We introduce participants to the potential of creative apps as a platform for expression.
Showing them innovative and accessible ways to use the apps singularly or in conjunction, to achieve royal results.


Margaret Queen of Tigers and Dolphins

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time”

- Thomas Merton

“The creative impulse is fundamental to the experience of being human” (A.P.P.G. 2017)


BANANA animation


– the power of objects and transformation

Seeing faces in inanimate objects, trees, domestic appliances … toast, is a common human phenomenon called ‘Pareidolia’. In stop frame animation we instinctively imbue inanimate objects or natural phenomena with human characteristics as we bring them to life or “anthropomorphise.”

It is a very creatively liberating art form that requires no previous experience, anyone can do it and anything can be animated – from peas to people.

Bringing inanimate objects to life with animation is playful and anarchic, bridging real and virtual worlds, opening doors to the imagination and providing a catalyst for narrative. …. Because … anything can happen.